Beijing, China

Happy new year beautiful people/新年快乐,

This is my first post written from Beijing,

I spent the last 5 months of 2017 getting used to my new life here in China. It has been an intense rollercoaster and each day brings surprises (some better than others). I have decided to take this time to settle into a new rhythm and take time off from writing on my blog. I wanted to make sure that whatever I posted here, would be genuine and not written for the sake of it. There is a great deal of things that I have learnt in the last few months that I hope to share with you in due time.

Today though, I thought I would just let pictures speak for themselves as they express quite well my current mood: grateful, powerful and ready to make a remarked entrance into this new year.

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2017 was a just trailer, 2018 will be a movie.

From Beijing with Love,