Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Most people travel in search of their truest self or a higher purpose but I was just desperately looking for sun. My solo trip started in Xiamen, the capital of Fujian province in the South of China. A southern city, I thought it would be warmer than in Beijing. Boy, was I wrong. Xiamen does not have indoor heating systems (like many cities in the south of china) because the winters aren’t as long as in the north of the country. After spending two amazing, albeit freezing weeks in Xiamen, my quest for a warm weather in the midst of winter would lead me to Taiwan.

On my way to the airport, I did a quick Baidu search and typed in “warmest place in Taiwan right now”: Kaohsiung came up. A city with 25 degree weather at the heart of winter, dark-sand beaches, easy transports and vibrant art scene? I was sold. I arrived at the airport counter and  bought a seat on the next flight to Kaohsiung. Although I had a flight initially booked for Taipei, I just completely changed my plans. Herein lies the joy of solo traveling: you can change your plans without the need to consult anyone else. You are free to do as you please, whenever you want. And I wanted sun, desperately.

Kaohsiung brought me sun, but also laughter, beautiful sceneries and unexpected friendships.