About me

My name is Bénédicte [Bae-nae-dic-tuh] and welcome to this space.

I created this blog with the intention to explore something I have been shying away from my whole life: my creative side. We all have one, whether in the traditional sense of the term or not, humans need creativity, innovation and space to express their ideas in one shape or another. I choose to do it through writing, telling stories, capturing moments on my camera. Just like an alchemist, when I create, I elevate basic elements of my daily life into something eternal: written and visual memories.

Up until recently, my daily life mainly involved school; a lot of it. I have gone through and completed three degrees in the last five years and I am now in a transition period of my life. Basically, I am figuring out how to live a life of self-care and purpose; but like many of us how to leave a mark in this world that will positively impact others. As I began writing on this blog in January 2017, I thought that maybe encouraging others to “live their best lives” and run after their ambitions was the way I would mark this *internet* world. It really felt like my calling for awhile and in a few months my little online rambling had attracted over 3000 views from more than 70 countries. But as I was helping others, it began to feel dis-genuine as I was barely copping with the ups and downs of my own life.

So I stopped writing for a year and really thought whether I wanted to keep writing and publish online. And I did, I still do except that this time around it might be a little different. If you feel like my writing is too personal and it sounds like I am just addressing myself through it all, you’re probably right. On the other hand if you can relate to my stories and appreciate the pictures: amazing! But as of today the purpose of this blog is just for me to honestly express my creativity and to make myself happy (we should all be the source of our own happiness, no?).

If you’re still reading after all this rambling, from the bottom of my heart: thank you and I sincerely hope you enjoy the ride.